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What is Click and Grow Rich?
The Simple Repeatable Success Formula Responsible For Millions in Online Sales
  •  But It's NOT Just Another Book About Making Money Online...
  •  It is NOT About How To 'Get Rich Quick' or Easy Shortcuts To Success...
  •  Click and Grow Rich is a Results FORMULA.
  •  Our Proven MP5MS2 Process Literally Walks You Through the Nine Critical Steps (in the Right Order) For How to Start a Successful Online Business... 
  •  Inside You Will Discover the Actual Formula We Created After Starting, Scaling, and Selling 3 Previous Online Businesses and Perfecting This Process... 
  •  You'll Now Have Access To the Exact Same Steps That We've Used and Taught To Hundreds of Our Live Students Worldwide.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Famous author and "Number One Motivational Coach", Les Brown shares his feelings.
"I am so impressed and amazed with this group and their program, this is the real deal."
- Suzy Bauer, Jonannesburg
"I have been looking for this answer to my prayers, this is solid and is a no-nonsense approach"
- Erica Gilles, USA
What Experts Are Saying About Click and Grow Rich:
“People, Now More Than Ever, Are Looking For Ways To Provide For Their Financial Future. If You're Serious, and You Want To WIN, and You Want To Dominate Your Space in the Marketplace, Jump on This Right Now..."
- Les Brown

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  •  Our proven MP5MS2 formula for creating a super successful business online. 
  •  How to implement these 9 critical stages of business development in a *very* specific order… (and avoid the #1 Mistake that Kills 95% of businesses online).
  •  Why it's important to identify a HOT Market 1st and NOT start with a Product.
  •  How you can find other experts to create your highly desired Product.
  •  Why you don’t need any experience, expertise, or talent to succeed!
  •  How to create a potentially highly profitable internet business from scratch...
  •  Why NOW is the best time ever to get started with you own online business.
  •  And SO much more...
Inside of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few of the Secrets You Will Discover...
Inside of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few of the Secrets You Will Discover...
  •  How to avoid the #1 mistake that causes up to 95% of new businesses to FAIL within the first 120 days according to the Huffington Post. - Pg. 6
  •  Why NOW is the best time ever to start an online business and building online income… And why ‘other’ popular income markets are on the wrong side of the 'wave' and overdue for a crash. Pg. 6-9
  •  How I grew a prior online company we started on the proverbial ‘kitchen table’ to $3M in annual sales (and #276 on the INC500 list of FASTEST growing private companies in the USA) in just Three short years... Pg. 4-5
  •  How having a profitable online business that can be run from anywhere in the world can offer you true time and money FREEDOM, and how the timing has never been better with 4 Billion internet users (roughly only HALF of the world’s population). Pg. 6-7
  •  WHO can do this… and how you are just one idea away from having everything you want in life, including personal and financial freedom!(Plus: how you can join the #FREEDOMFIGHTER movement). Pg. 18
  •  Our 9-step ‘Accidental’ MP5MS2 success formula that we’ve used to generate over $20M, and how you can also follow this process. Pg. 34
  •  Which types of online businesses are the best for today’s markets and more importantly why it’s so critical to determine strong markets and trends before deciding on a product to sell! Pg. 37
  •  How to determine your best potential customers (So you can find more like them to scale your business faster) using the Customer Avatar Exercise, and our Free interactive PDF worksheets you can download from our website. Pg. 54
  •  How to zero in on the exact price point your customer is willing to spend with you, without losing the sale… And better yet, how to turn them into bigger buyers (Plus how we made $1.4 Million in extra sales using this). Pg. 63
  •  Which exact strategy we used to generate $634,591 in sales in 60 days, with an additional residual recurring income of approximately $133,000 per month. Pg. 62
  •  Our ‘V-Selling’ method that teaches you ‘There’s a person for every price, and a price for every person’ and how to 2x to 10x your sales by understanding and incorporating this into your selling strategy. Pg. 65
  •  How to create a strong lasting brand using our ‘Million-dollar branding formula’ which outlines the 3 essential elements to creating a powerful brand, along with 8 examples, and interactive exercises you can download FREE. Pg. 79
  •  The future of online payment solutions, making it easier and more hassle-free than ever before to accept payments for your products and services (Plus: The next-generation of online payments, and what’s just around the corner)… Pg. 88
  •  Why ‘Starting with WHY’ is one of the most powerful steps to your success, and how it ties directly into your customer’s pre-historic ‘Limbic’ brain, even before it gets to our rational ‘thinking’ brain in the neo-cortex. Pg. 95-96
  •  How having an online business can be a great vehicle for ‘giving back’ to charitable causes, and how we’ve used creative strategies to generate over $125,000 for worthy charities (and we have a mission to generate millions) Pg. 97
  •  What game-changing new technology when using webinars to sell your products and services to the "masses" will soon break down language barriers worldwide, allowing you to sell globally and in foreign markets. Pg. 126 
  •  How video and viral marketing are evolving fast, and represent the future of online marketing in social media, and how savvy entrepreneurs are capitalizing on both to disrupt Billion-dollar industries (with Billion dollar exits to show for it). Pg. 133
  •  How to use the 4 personality archetypes (Owls, Monkeys, Lions, and Cocker Spaniels) to more effectively sell your products and services, and send your sales conversions through the roof by understanding these important concepts… Pg. 150
  •  When to use Virtual Staffing to grow your business faster (for pennies on the dollar) and how to more efficiently use your time on things that matter most. Plus our insider resources for finding the best overseas virtual help. Pg. 156
  •  The real benefits and differences between selling digital information products vs. physical products and services, how best to create them, and different delivery methods (Digital, Online, Physical, Live) + The Business Quad-Fecta. Pg. 177
  •  Your Business Life-Cycle and the various phases business owners go through, as well as strategies and solutions for moving from the struggling, grinding, surviving, to thriving phases in the shortest time possible… Pg. 201
  •  How and why it’s critically important to survey your market, to find out their true emotional ‘hot buttons’ for buying. Knowing the nuances and language patterns of your market are one of the BIG secrets of marketing. Pg. 208 
  •  Profit modeling strategies to emulate what’s working now in your marketplace (Not steal or ‘Hack’ another’s hard work by copying what they’ve done), but building a successful business of your own based on our proven principals. Pg. 215
  •  The importance of embracing failure and adversity, and why it’s a necessary part of your journey towards becoming a successful business-person (and the #1 thing that is more important than talent, education, or intellect). Pg. 218
  •  Why you should test your sales offers and messages regularly, making constant incremental improvements (or “Kaizen”) to dramatically increase your sales (Note: This can often be the difference between success or failure). Pg. 221
  •  Online advertising strategies and “What’s working Now” with Facebook and Google (Plus access to our proprietary interactive PDF templates you can download FREE like the Ad Creation Matrix, Ad Angle Exercise, Ad Targeting Exercise, and Video Ad Planner). Pg. 224
  •  The ‘Gas Pedal’ methodology for growing your business (Watching the only 3 “real” ways) and the 3 most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that matter most in growing an online business… Pg. 228
  •  Funding strategies for your business (Including new more entrepreneur-friendly ways of raising startup or growth capital for your business). Forget SBA loans, or other hard to qualify for programs! Pg. 235
  •  Why to pay attention to international markets, and where the real growth is headed in the future (Learn how one person exploded his business by translating his digital product to other languages). Pg. 239
  •  Selling your business – The most often overlooked opportunity most online entrepreneurs miss. Learn how we’ve sold 3 prior companies, and why there is such a rabid marketplace for eager buyers of profitable businesses. Pg. 241
  •  Next-generation automation tools like Zapier that let you easily connect all of your online ‘technology’ together, giving you true automation in your business (and giving you more free-time to enjoy what you love doing most). Pg. 248
  •  Our "SECRET WEAPON" responsible for the bulk of over $17M in sales in prior businesses, using a little-known technology platform called Cydec. How this simple, fast, and easy to use system moved the needle for us in a big way, and how you can get your hands on it! Pg. 250
  •  Our Business Breakthrough interactive PDF worksheets that are also included throughout the book, which you can download FREE from our website as a special BONUS for purchasing Click and Grow Rich today!
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